When we first adopted our beloved furry friend Marley, we quickly learned that she was a picky eater. We tried numerous brands and flavors of dog treats, but nothing seemed to satisfy her taste buds. It wasn't until we started making homemade treats from the natural ingredients found in our kitchen that we finally found something she enjoyed.

We felt good about feeding her the same quality ingredients that we feed ourselves because it meant that she was enjoying a healthy diet and nothing is as important as spending as many years together as possible. However, this quickly became time-consuming.

That's when we discovered all-natural chews and treats. They were made with high-quality ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and fillers, and had the necessary nutrients to keep Marley healthy. But they were expensive and we knew that many people could not afford to feed their dogs these premium-grade treats.

So we decided to start our own family-owned business, committed to providing dog owners with easy access to premium-grade, all-natural treats and chews at accessible wholesale prices. We believe that every dog owner deserves to enjoy their dog for as many happy years as possible. We’re on a mission to make it affordable for everyone to nourish their furry friend with the finest ingredients.

We take pride in our products and stand behind our commitment to quality, health, and happiness for all dogs. Our small business is located in Pennsylvania, and we look forward to serving our community of dog lovers who share our values. Thank you for considering our products, and we hope to become a part of your dog's journey through life.

Erik & Justin