6 Inch Premium Trachea

6 Inch Premium Trachea

6 Inch Premium Trachea

6 Inch Premium Trachea

Watch your pup bark with joy over our Premium Beef Trachea chews - the ultimate indulgence for their taste buds and bone and joint health! These crispy golden pipes provide a satisfying crunch that your furry friend won't be able to resist.

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Your pup will go wild for our Premium Beef Trachea chews - a real treat for the eyes and taste buds! These hollow pipes, provide a satisfying crunch and come in a crispy golden color.

Packed with high-quality protein, chondroitin and glucosamine, these all-natural chews help promote healthy bones and joints in dogs. 100% digestible and chemical-free, they are made from a single ingredient - beef - sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle.

Give your furry friend a delicious, nutritious snack that looks as good as it tastes.

Ingredients: Dehydrated Beef Trachea

Nutritional Facts
Crude Protein (min.)........ 60%
Crude Fat (min.)................ 24%
Crude Fiber (max.)........... 1.5%
Moisture (max.).................. 4%

Calorie Content:
4,510 kcal/kg; 159 kcal/oz

For the safety of your pup, we advise supervising their consumption of Beef Trachea and providing plenty of fresh drinking water.

If your dog is new to these protein-rich chews, gradually extend the duration of your pup's chewing time to avoid any upset stomachs. Once your dog's tummy adjusts, you can feel free to treat them as often as you'd like!

Store the strips in a dry, room temperature place, and make sure to wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. They will last approximately two years.

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