Large Smoked Coffeewood Chews

Large Smoked Coffeewood Chews
Large Smoked Coffeewood Chews
Large Smoked Coffeewood Chews
Large Smoked Coffeewood Chews

Large Smoked Coffeewood Chews

Large Smoked Coffeewood Chews

Your dog deserves the very best, and that includes a healthy way to relieve stress. Give them the gift of Wholy Pup Smoked Coffee Wood Chews - made with 100% natural coffee wood and hickory smoked for a delicious, calming experience.

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If you have the privilege of sharing your life with a furry friend, you know that chewing is just part of a dog's nature. They'll gnaw on shoes, furniture, and anything else they can get their paws on - leaving behind a trail of tooth marks on doors and walls. But did you know that chewing is a natural stress reliever for dogs?

It's true! Chewing can have a powerful calming effect on even the most anxious pups, making it an essential tool in keeping your dog happy and healthy. And that's where Wholy Pup Smoked Coffee Wood Chews come in. These irresistible sticks are the perfect solution for your dog's chewing needs, made from 100% natural coffee wood grown in Vietnam.

But it's not just about taste - these chews are incredibly durable. Coffee wood is known for being one of the toughest types of wood, making our sticks resistant to producing sharp splinters. Plus, our wood is naturally smoked using hickory smoke from our rural Pennsylvania smokehouse, giving each stick a rich and savory taste that your dog will love.

When you give your dog a Wholy Pup chew stick, you're not just giving them a tasty treat - you're also giving them a sense of calm and relaxation that they crave. Who doesn't want a happy, calm pup? Order now and experience the difference for yourself - your four-legged friend will thank you.

D: 3.8-4.5cm, L: 21cm. Recommended for dogs weighing between 35 and 50 pounds.

There are no ingredients in this chew.

Recommended for dogs weighing between 35 and 50 pounds.

Your pup can safely and enjoyably chew on coffee wood without any worries.

The wood's hardness ensures it won't char or splinter, and any fibers that may come loose will be soft and easily digested, posing no harm to your furry friend.

However, it is always still advisable to supervise your dog.

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