Durable and Delightful: American Wild Elk Antlers

Enduring Value and Peace of Mind with Every Natural Antler

Antler Mega Chew Pack

Antler Mega Chew Pack

Antler Mega Chew Pack

Antler Mega Chew Pack

For the ultimate dog parent seeking the best for their furry friend, our Antler Mega Chew Bundle is a must-have. It includes 3 Wild Elk Antlers, 4 Super Bull Chews, 4 Himalayan Yak Chews, and 4 Braided Bully Sticks, all single-ingredient, safe, healthy, and built to last. These chews are perfect for keeping your dog happily busy and anxiety-free, giving you peace of mind and them a whole lot of chewing fun.

4x Braided 6 inch Bully Sticks $19.88, 4x Small Himalayan Yak Chews $19.96, 4x Super Bull Chews 6 inch $11.96, 3x Split Antlers $38.97

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We're so sure of our Premium Wild Elk Antlers, we stake our wallet on it! Find a splinter? Text a pic to 445-200-8046. Instant refund.

No questions, no fuss.


Benefits of Wholly Pup American Elk Antler Chews

lasting value

Cost-effective, outlasting all other chews

Natural & Safe

Crafted from a single ingredient, they are free from harmful chemicals

Odor-Free Experience

Say goodbye to unpleasant smells

Dental Health Boost

Not just a chew, Elk Antlers promote dental health

Eco-Friendly Choice

Sustainably sourced and naturally shed

Trend-Forward Selection

Align with the rising trend of natural pet products, ensuring your pet gets the very best

organic antler

splinter free

mess free

no smell

usa sourced

cruelty free

Choose nature's perfect chew choose WhollyPup Elk Antlers

Why Are So Many People Switching to Elk Antlers?

Chew type long-lasting splinter-free chemical-free odor-free preservative-free
Elk antlers
edible dental chews
bully sticks



Experience the call of the wild with our Elk Antler Chews. These unique chews will keep your dog busy gnawing, melting away any stress they might be feeling. Sourced from the grand American Elk, our antlers are naturally shed and gathered, promising a cruelty-free product that respects the natural cycle of life.

Composed of a single ingredient and super long-lasting, they are ideal for even the most vigorous chewers. Elk Antlers never splinter, ensuring a safe chewing experience all the while whitening your pup’s teeth. They are also naturally devoid of odor and mess and make the perfect indoor treat. 

A testament to the unspoiled beauty of nature - Elk Antler Chews are free from added chemicals, dyes, or preservatives and are a pure untouched gift from the wild, bringing a piece of the wilderness into your home.

Wholly Pup’s American Wild Elk Antlers are usually shipped within 24 hours using UPS Ground, which delivers in 1-5 business days. Once shipped, we’ll email you a tracking number to keep you updated.

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