Dora's Smoked Chicken Feet


Dora's Smoked Chicken Feet

Dora's Smoked Chicken Feet

Inspired by the ingredient that made Grandma's chicken soup hearty and thick, this transformative treat combines irresistible taste with exceptional nutritional and dental benefits. These chicken feet are preserved using low-temperature dehydration and cold-smoke so they stay strong, crunchy and splinter-free. 

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Remember the hearty, thick consistency of Grandma's chicken soup? The secret was in the chicken feet, rich in collagen, giving the soup its unique texture and depth. We've harnessed this traditional wisdom to create a treat your dog will love. 

Chicken feet are not only a culinary delight but also a powerhouse of nutrients. They are naturally rich in collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin, promoting joint and bone health. Plus, their texture and natural enzymes make them excellent for your dog's dental health, acting like a natural toothbrush.

Cooking chicken feet heats them which weakens the bones and causes splintering.  Giving your dog raw feet introduces bacterial concerns. That's why we dehydrate and then smoke our chicken feet at a very low temperature. This process eliminates harmful bacteria while preserving the nutrients, making them safe. 

They are 100% digestible, and non-greasy and emit a pleasant smoky aroma that dogs find irresistible.​​​ Sourced from free-range chickens and made in America, we ensure that our treats meet the highest standards of quality and ethics. 

Smoked Chicken Feet

3672 Kcal/kg
104 kcal/oz

CRUDE PROTEIN (MIN)............49%
CRUDE FAT (MIN).......................22%
FIBER (MAX)..................................1.5%
MOISTURE (MAX).......................17%

For the safety of your pup, we advise supervising their consumption of smoked chicken feet and providing plenty of fresh drinking water.

If your dog is new to protein-rich chews, gradually extend the duration of your pup's chewing time to avoid any upset stomachs. Once your dog's tummy adjusts, you can feel free to treat them as often as you'd like!

Store the chicken feet in a dry, room temperature place, and make sure to wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. They will last approximately two years.

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