Durable and Delightful: American Wild Elk Antlers

Nature's Armor: Tough Antlers for Tough Dogs

Premium Mega 10"+ Wild Elk Antlers

Mega 10"+ Elk Antlers

Premium Mega 10"+ Wild Elk Antlers

Premium Mega 10"+ Wild Elk Antlers

Searching for a long-lasting, natural chew that will keep your dog entertained while withstanding even the most enthusiastic chewers without splintering? Our pure antlers, collected from the wilds of America, are grown for survival—ensuring they last while keeping your dog's teeth clean. Being naturally shed, no elk is ever harmed in the collection process.
Size chart

Here’s a general guideline based on your dog’s weight:

Small Dogs (up to 20 lbs):
Recommended Antler Size: 4"-5"

Medium Dogs (20 to 40 lbs):
Recommended Antler Size: 6"-7"

Large Dogs (40 to 70 lbs):
Recommended Antler Size: 8"-9"

Extra Large Dogs (70 lbs and up):
Recommended Antler Size: 10" and up


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We're so sure of our Premium Wild Elk Whole Antlers, we stake our wallet on it! Find a splinter? Text a pic to 445-200-8046. Instant refund.

No questions, no fuss.


Benefits of Wholly Pup American Elk Antler Chews

lasting value

Cost-effective, outlasting all other chews

Natural & Safe

Crafted from a single tough ingredient, they are free from harmful chemicals and won't splinter

Odor-Free Experience

Say goodbye to unpleasant smells

Dental Health Boost

Not just a chew, Elk Antlers promote dental health

Eco-Friendly Choice

Sustainably sourced and naturally shed

Trend-Forward Selection

Align with the rising trend of natural pet products, ensuring your pet gets the very best

Choose nature's perfect chew choose WhollyPup Elk Antlers

organic antler

Splinter-FREE (Whole Antlers)





Why Are So Many People Switching to Elk Antlers?

Chew type long-lasting splinter-free chemical-free odor-free preservative-free
Elk antlers
edible dental chews
bully sticks


The natural chew their wolf ancestors craved through the ages


Years.. months... weeks...

If you choose the correct size whole antler, we've heard stories of them lasting for over five years but a few months is very typical.

If you pick the correct size split antler, it will depend on your dog's chewing power and if they chew out the marrow and not the casing, which shortens antler life. Expect a week to a couple of months, they are still long-lasting but there is no hard and fast rule.

Dogs will be dogs and need to chew.

Every dog chew assumes some risk of breaking a tooth and by not giving your dog something good to chew on, they may take a bite out of your hard dining room chair or a rock in your yard and break their tooth like that.

The two main factors are knowing your dog has healthy teeth and making sure they gnaw going side to side with their back teeth and don't bite down hard like on a carrot.

From our experience, when this advice is followed, teeth breaks are rare and your dog is spared from chewing on other dangerous things.

Also, gnawing on Elk Antlers cleans away plaque and tartar, and they contain minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphate that strengthen teeth.

Ultimately, you should make the best decision for your dog.

Want something that will never splinter? Choose our Whole Elk Antlers.

Need something softer for an older dog or young puppy with weaker teeth or want to entice a first-time antler chewer with deliciously exposed marrow? Go for our split antlers.

Both antler styles give your dog a safe chewing experience while whitening their teeth.

However, split antlers because they've been cut can occasionally splinter if your dog is a power chewer. This is especially true for smaller sizes.

Most regular dogs do great with split antlers which are a durable chew but always supervise your dog.

They are nature's long-lasting, splinter-free answer to boredom.

These authentic chews will keep your dog busy gnawing, melting away any stress they might be feeling. 

They're a testament to the unspoiled beauty of nature and are free from chemicals, dyes, or preservatives and are a pure untouched gift from the wild, bringing a piece of the wilderness into your home.

Sourced from the grand American Elk, our antlers are naturally shed and gathered. They're cruelty-free and we respect the natural cycle of elk life.

No. They are the perfect indoor or outdoor chew.

Of course!


CALORIE CONTENT (CALCULATED): Medium Size: 170-200 (Note: Dogs typically gnaw on these over time, not consuming the full amount of calories at once.)


Crude Protein (min): 52%

Crude Fat (min): 0.9%

Crude Fiber (max): 3%

Moisture (max): 10%

Calcium (min): 22%

Phosphorus (min): 11%

Elk antlers are nutrient-rich, offering essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and more. They're predominantly protein and low in fat and calories, making them an excellent choice for overall health.

For the safety of your pup, we advise supervising their consumption of Elk Antlers and providing plenty of fresh drinking water.

Elk Antler Chews are incredibly durable and do not spoil or go bad under normal conditions. However, if an antler chew starts to show signs of mold, discoloration, or an unusual odor, it would be best to dispose of it.

Also, if your dog has gnawed it down to a small piece that they could potentially choke on, it should be taken away and replaced.

We typically ship within 24 hours using UPS Ground for packages over 1 pound. Once dispatched, we'll send you a tracking number for your convenience.

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